Man Cunt – intimate self portraits of a transgender man

EDIT: Pre-order prints now!

The campaign

The blog post

Hello! So in the last week I’ve started a new painting project I’ve subtly titled Man Cunt, which is basically what you would think it is. These close up acrylic paintings of my genitals are probably going to be studies for a larger painting or series of paintings, and I’m also planning on using them as the basis for a piece to submit to this prize on the theme of taboo. See below the cut for images and more info.




When I was a teenager I used to have a recurring dream that I would be getting cosy and a bit sexy with someone, but then I’d tell them I was trans and they’d either be really disgusted or just leave. As a man with a cunt I didn’t feel like I could be seen as sexy and sexual – male sexuality is so focused around the cock, so to be a man without a cock ment to be desexualised and I never saw any reflections of how queer trans man sexuality can look (interestingly this is the complete opposite of what many trans woman experience, where their bodies are instead hypersexualised). I was very shy and anxious when it came to sex, I often felt I was expected to behave a certain way and have a certain attitude, but I wasn’t sure exactly what that was and it wasn’t something that came naturally to me at all.

I’ve done a lot of work on myself and my sexuality over the years, and reached a point where I feel very comfortable in my sexuality and with the queer genitals I have, which have been changed by the testosterone I take in quite a queer way. I’m not scared of the power of my sexuality or my man cunt anymore. My desire behind these paintings is to take ownership of my sexuality and express the strength and joy I feel in it! I also feel there’s a power in representing my own queer genitals on my own terms and in a way I think is beautiful.

23 thoughts on “Man Cunt – intimate self portraits of a transgender man

  1. Wow. They are beautiful, a feel a sense of priveledge and wonder. They bring up questions without words in me and also point to my personal ignorance.

  2. As a trans man who often struggles with reclaiming sexuality and just feeling “sexy” in general, these paintings were the highlight of my night. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent! πŸ˜€

  3. I love your paintings do you have prints or are they for sale? I’m an artist myself and a painter. I value another artist work.

    1. Thanks Shane! I’ve just started this project, and I’m planning on doing a crowd funder in the next month or so for people to pre order prints, keep an eye out for it xx

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