Man Cunt: Intimate Self Portraits of a Transgender Man – Prints now available!

Pre-order prints here

Chris Hubley artist in studio
Me in my studio

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who shared and comment on my post with my first few paintings from the Man Cunt series, as an artist it’s always great when my work resonates with people and it’s been a joy to read all your lovely comments.

I had quite a few people ask me whether they would be able to order prints of these paintings, as there are initial costs involved with producing these I decided to start a crowdfunder so people can pre order them and so help me cover these costs – Visit the page here!

There’ll be two kinds of giclee prints available, a standard quality print and a slightly more expensive limited edition high quality print on fancy paper that will make it look especially awesome, and also sets of post cards. all the paintings are 10×12 inches and the prints will be the same size plus a border, and will be sent unframed.

There are six paintings alltogether so I have posted them all below with numbers in the corners – these won’t be on the prints but please quote the number of the print you want with your order so I know which one to send you!

Please click the image to see them bigger.

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