Moonling is an old English word meaning “simpleton”, similar to Lunatic, as the moon is said to cause madness. It is the place of dreams and visions, enlightenment and illusion. It is also the first stop on the way from Earth. Sometimes the pull is strong

This piece is 20x20x5cm, it is entirely needle felted and mounted in a wooden box.

(Also shown – the wonderful quality of the camera on my new fancy phone. I will however be replacing it with a better picture once I get my proper camera sorted)

The Hermit

I thought I’d write about one of the pieces you may have seen in my gallery on here, Merlin, or The Hermit. He is the first full body doll I’ve made and stands at about a foot tall and is entirely needle felted. He was inspired by the Hermit from the tarot deck. Rather than being simply one who hides away as he is often seen, the Hermit is the sage who stands on the mountain top with the lamp of enlightenment on his staff, showing the way for others. He is Yod, the open hand, giving people the opportunity to find knowledge. He is also Virgo, and, this being my sun sign, I feel a strong affinity to him, which is why I chose to make him as my first doll.

The Invitation

Here is a much better shot of my latest piece, just before it went off to get framed.

The idea of going “down the rabbit hole” is these days generally associated with Alice’s descent into the other world of Wonderland. However this imagery is much older than that. There are alchemical texts which depict the aspirant following a rabbit into its burrow as they delve into the mysteries of the universe, and there are also parallels with shamanic cultures where burrows and other gaps in the earth are entry points into the underworld, often with animal spirit guides leading the way. In my version the being contemplating the descent is fiery and bright, as the fire descends into the Earth and unites them as one.

The piece stands at about 25cm high and 10cm wide (I will measure it when I get it back from the framers and put in the exact measurements!) in a found wooden box and is entirely needle felted from wool and mixed fiber bats.